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What is an authentication code?

What is an authentication code?

- An authentication code is used to validate that you have the correct mobile number registered.
- Authenticating your account will allow you to gain free bonus credits and access to our chatrooms.

Why am I not receiving my authentication code?

- There maybe a slight delay at times with the system.
- If you have not received the code, login to mig33 > select Resend Code before proceeding to login.
- Your code will then be sent via SMS to your phone.
- Please check that the number you’ve registered is an active mobile number.
- If you still cant get your authentication code, please contact us.

Phone settings *How can I change my username?

Phone settings *

How can I change my username?

- You can’t. Your mig33 username is unique from the point you create it.

How can I purchase a username?

- mig33 does not sell usernames and does not encourage users to purchase IDs.

What if I forgot my username and password?

- Login to the mig33 application > Forgot password
- Enter the mobile number you’ve used to register and your “password and username” will be sent to you.
- Always ensure that you enter an active mobile number when you register with us.

How often should I change my password?

- We recommend that you change your password at least once per 3 months.
- To change your password, login to mig33> Menu > Settings > “Login” > “Change Password” > Enter old password followed by the new password.
* This can only be done through the phone.

What’s the best way to protect my password?

- Please don’t tell anyone your mig33 password. mig33 will never ask you for your password through emails, chat rooms or private chats.

How secure is my password?

- Using a mixture of numbers and alphabets and avoid using consecutive characters like 123456 of ABCDEF. – Avoid using 3rd party softwares which are not recommended by mig33. – Download our software here for free.

How to connect to mig33?

How to setup connection *

How to connect to mig33?

- You can connect to mig33 using GPRS, 3G or WIFI depending on the phone model you have.
- For some, you may require specific mobile settings for the connection to function properly.
- To establish connection, please select one of the manufacturer below and follow their guides on retrieving your mobile internet settings:
- Or you can try to contact your mobile operator to ask them to provide you with the details. (provide them your model and make)
- Your operator will most likely send you the settings via SMS and you will need to save them in order for it to work.
- For phone specific settings such as the Sony Ericsson T610 and Blackberry 8700G, they may have the same or similar settings for other phone models by the same manufacturer.
- We also have a list of set up information for accessing the Mobile Internet. You can manually create mobile settings on your mobile phone by entering the relevant ‘GPRS APN settings’ for your country.
- View the list of APNs here based on countries.

How do I set ‘Always Allow Network’?

- Some mobile phones have an ‘always allow GPRS/Internet’ feature in their ‘connectivity’ settings.
- When you select this feature, you’ll be prompted to “allow access network” every time you log in to mig33.
- Activating it allows you to connect faster to mig33, without being prompted for permission each time.

How do I know if my mobile phone is compatible?

- You can check the compatibility here.

Setting up *

Where do I start? mig33

Where do I start?

- To join mig33, you will first need to register with us. Pick one of the options below and soon you’ll be among friends in a wonderful community:
a)      Sign up via mobile
b)      Free web registration

How to download the software?

- To download and install our mig33 software, go to with your phone web browser > Scroll down & click on “Download”
- Click on the compatibile version > Accept installation.
how to
- After installation, look for the mig33 icon in your phone menu (varies according to model).
- Alternatively you can download the software onto your computer before proceeding to transfer it to your phone for installation.

Where to find the mig33 software on my phone?

- Where the application is saved will depend on your phone. If you have not changed the default settings, then you can usually find the mig33 applications in the following locations:
a)      Nokia: Menu > Applications > Games (Series 40) or Menu > Applications (Symbian. Unless moved)
b)      Sony Ericsson: Menu > Applications > Games
c)      Motorola: Menu > Games & Application
d)      Samsung: Menu > Applications > Games and more > More games
e)      LG: Menu> Games & Application > My Games & Applications > Application
f)       Huawei: Menu > Entertainment > Games (for those preinstalled) or Main screen > Groov3 (if you install new versions)
** Steps given generally applied to each manufacturer however it may differ depending on your model.

Why do I need to test connection?

- With the initial launch, you will need to test connection before proceeding. Testing connection is to ensure that the software is configured to be able to connect through your phone’s access point.
- If you get an ‘error’, you may need to setup connection first.
- Please register first before proceeding:
- If you have registered, please proceed to login.
- You will receive an authentication code shortly via SMS.
- Enter the authentication code to get full use of mig33 services.
*Snapshots are taken using Nokia N95, may differ depending on the model.

What is migLevel?

What is migLevel?

- migLevel reflects your status in mig33.
- You can find your migLevel in your Profile. (eg. below: Level 3)
- As you gain migLevels, you will get migPowers in mig33.
- The higher your migLevel, the more migPowers you will have.

How does migLevel work??

- migLevels are based on a combination of time, activtiy and how much you help build the mig33 community.
- Many of the activities have an impact on migLevel (e.g. how much you chat, how popular your profile is, or how many referrals you make)
- The number next to your image displays you exact migLevel.

What are the features that requires migLevel?

- migWars: migLevel 1
- Avatars: migLevel 5
- Leaderboard: migLevel 5
- Create Room: migLevel 10
- Post Wall: migLevel 10
- Vote/Rate: migLevel 10
- mini Blogs: migLevel 10
- Groups/Forum: migLevel 20

What are migPowers?

- migPowers allow you to do special things in mig33. For example, at migLevel 5 you can begin to view our leaderboards.
- At higher levels, you get the migPower to set up larger chat rooms, or even create groups that allows you to link your chatrooms.
- As mig33 grows, we will continue to add new migPowers, especially at the higher migLevels.

What migPowers do I have at the start?

- You will start with migLevel 1 as soon as you login.

What happens if I try to do something that I don’t have the migPower for?

- You will get a notification that you need to be a higher migPower to do that activity. Just use mig33 more, grow your migLevel, and then you can use the migPower

How long will it take me to get a migBot?

- If you’re an active user of mig33, you should get a migBot within a few days! But the higher the migLevel, the longer it takes.

How does mig33 know when I have gained a new level?

- When you do stuff in mig33, you grow toward the next migLevel.
- When you’ve done enough cool things for long enough, our system automatically promotes you to your new migLevel.

How does mig33 tell me when I have a new migLevel?

- Check your Profile often! Your migLevel is always displayed on your Profile.

Can I use credits to gain migLevels?

- No! migLevels can only be gained through activity on mig33.

Do all activities in mig33 contribute to my migLevel?

- Bad ones don’t.

Can Customer Service change my migLevel?

- No way!

What migLevel do Admins have?

- migLevels and Admins are separate. An Admin earns their migLevel like any other user. Also, migPowers and Admin powers do not overlap.

Can I become an Admin if I attain a very high migLevel?

- People with high migLevels are usually important people in the mig33 community. However, we have not changed the process for selecting Admins.

How did mig33 set user’s migLevels at first?

- All new users from August 2009 start at the lowest level. User who joined mig33 before that were assigned a migLevel based on their time and activities on mig33.

How many levels are there in the migLevel?

- There are a more than a few. Some have yet to be discovered!

Can I drop to a level below if I am inactive?

- No.

If I get kicked or banned, do I lose my migLevel?

- Your migLevel is associated with a specific username and cannot be transferred to another username. If a username is banned, then this username will no longer be able to use mig33.

Can I combine or move migLevels between my multiple IDs them?

- No.

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